> Clientele

- Web localization & update for HP Star training Program
- Coordination of web integration from the old web site of Korean HP partner education to HP star web site & development
- Certification exam localization (POS, POT, NetServer) ,
- Technical training manual localization (POS, POT)


- HP CD writer User's manual &
- Datasheets & Marketing brochures of Various HP products


- QC of SW & Documents Localization Vendors
- Localization Project Management
- Linguistic Consultation,
- QA of Localized Documents & SW
- Functional & linguistic testing of Localized SW


- Sole vendor for Korean Projects
- Rubbermaid, Six Contents Hotel Program, GUI for Projector Software &   Hardware, HP printer manuals, Software GUI, Online help & others


- Participated in Customer Management Program for Renowned Korean Motor   Company


- SW and HTML
- User's manual
- User's manual of Notebook
- Glossary and web translation for Asia Pacific Conference
- CCAP legal, PPT presentation, Guidelines


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