— Since the set up of ATEC in 2000 as a small Singapore based company specializing in Korean translation and language / culture consulting by two Korean language experts in an academic and a professional field respectively, ATEC has been gaining increasing recognition among many companies that need help with the unique Korean language as well as its culture.

Now, any one who needs Korean service from multi national companies to local  translation companies, manufacturers and consulting firms and research firms turns to us.

However, ATEC was not content to staying as one language provider but worked and studied very hard to confidently provide all Asian languages with solid understanding, experience and knowledge we have grasped from handling tens thousands of Korean projects, big or small.

As a result, ATEC is already serving many US based companies who need Asian language translation as well as many local companies who would like to expand their market to the regional countries.

With such a tremendous growth and improvement ATEC takes it as a role to repay it to our clients by providing even more customer driven translation management service as well as the incomparable translation quality with budget-fitting charges.

Thank you all for your patronage and support to ATEC until today and please watch ATEC grow together with your business and your marktet.

Because we truely believe in the win-win business relationship in ATEC and our client...

Terry Ha Tae Suk
Managing Director
ATEC Translation Pte Ltd

Other Details:

Various Partnership companies in China, Thailand and Japan.

• Translation Capacity

— Over 10 Permanent/Full time Translators/Editors
— Dedicated Project Manager: 2

• Resources in Database:

— 2000 Over full-time Translators with experiences with and expertise in various    fields.
— 200 over full-time editors
?All the resources are managed to be up to date in terms of technology as well as terms in his/her main translation field.

• Standard Team Organization per Project:

— 1 project manager/client’s contact point +
— 1 or 2 translators (depending on volume & delivery time request by client) +
— 1 engineer +
— 1 editor/proofreader

• Daily Capacity:

— 2500 - 4000 words of translation per day per project
— 5000 words of editing per day per project

• Quality Assurance for every Project

?Please refer to the Project process under Services section on how we handle every project with care and effectiveness to deliver the best quality in the shortest timeline.

• DTP capacity

— Please refer to the SERVICE section for available Desktop Publication Programs.



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